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>> bret: finally tonight, politicians can, of course, get in a lot of trouble by saying the wrong things, sticking their foot in their mouth and, of course, by being photographed in a bad spot. the democratic mayor of los angeles, has recently taken some heat for a photo showing him apparently partying with charlie sheen. something he has been asked about a lot recently and he pretty much dismissed it. >> mr. mayor, there have been scores of question about that infamous twitter picture that came from charlie sheen. >> infamous. i said i take pictures with virtually everyone. i have never said no in seven years when someone ask me for
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pictures. asked me to take a picture, i took it i had a conversation with him for a few minutes. thanks for inviting me into your home tonight. that's it fair, balanced and unafraid. >> sorting out fact from fiction in the siege of the sahara. tonight, the answers are far from clear. the terrorists say they took over a gas facility and took americans hostage. then, reports of a rescue attempt, of gunshots, of hostage killed. >> the situation is extremely fluid on the ground. >> there has been a variety of conflicting reports about the events there. >> tonight, the chaos in the desert and the lives on the line. he led notre dame to the championship game while reportedly grieving over the death of his girlfriend. then he said he learned she never even existed.
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>> this was a very elob borat, very sophisticated hoax. tonight, unraveling the mystery of manti at te'o. you will see how he i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith tonight. two american hostage escape from a gas plant in al entire i can't. that's what a source is telling fox news this evening. militants claimed to be holding seven malcolm jenkins at that -- seven americans at that facility. they raided the bp complex today trying to rescue dozen of foreign hostage. we have been getting conflicting reports about how
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many survived. secretary of state hillary clinton says that she has been keeping in touch with the algerian prime minister since the crisis first started yesterday. our counter terrorism experts have been in close contact with their algerian counterparts throughout the last days. and we have also in close consultation with partners around the world sharing information. >> the military operation is over and four hostage are dead. two from the u.k., two from the philippines. but the militants claim dozens of hostage are dead. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, let's start first with the americans. what do we know? >> well, bill, the standoff we know is over. and the first bp chartered flight out of algeria is expected to land within an hour in london. there has been confusion over the numbers. we understand that there were not more than three americans held during the hostage crisis
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fox news has learned two american survivors are on their way to london right now. several flights out of algeria for employees. some narrowly escaped death and others living in other parts of the country. the fate of one american hostage remains unclear right now. >> u.s. citizens are among the hostage. but we don't have at this point more details to provide to you. we are certainly concerned about reports of loss of life and are seeking clarity from the government of algeria. >> the white house and its european allies say that they were caught off guard. they were not given any warning when the algerians decided to storm the facility. they didn't give their european allies or the americans any heads up. >> what about the u.s. military, jennifer, what did they do to help or try to do? again the pentagon's offers to help were rejected. algerian did not accept that
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algeria did send one unarmed drone over the bp facility to provide surveillance capability. they did not send any ground troops. the algerians essentially went it alone, killing more than 15 kidnappers according to algerian sources. and they say 30 hostage. what is clear after this incident is the growing al qaeda threat in north africa. >> al qaeda is still there. they are still a threat. they are a threat in yemen. they are a threat in somalia. they are a threat as we speak in mali. >> instability in mali has created the opportunity for a staging base and safe haven for terrorists. again it's still unclear how many died in this botched military raid. >> jennifer griffin from the pentagon in that fox report tonight. thank you, jennifer. the hostage takers meanwhile claim the raid was for revenge for the french assault on
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militants next door in the country of mali. fox news has learned the attack was in the works long before france launched its military operation in that country. learning more about the one-eyed terrorists ordering the raid and ties to al qaeda. details on that story coming up tonight on "the fox report." imaginary girlfriend and star football player at the center of a scandal that has transcended the world of college sports. tonight we have a lot more questions than answers, frankly. it all involves the notre dame linebacker, the star of the team manti te'o expected to be picked in the first round draft in april. he led the team in january. we heard reports that his girlfriend had died. supposedly of leukemia. but that apparent tragedy did not make manti te'o lose his touch. he focused harder and played better.
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fans and sportscasters embraced his story and they embraced his courage. yesterday, the sports blowing dead -- blog dead broke the news and she did not exist. the photo apparently stolen from a woman who had no idea people were using it te'o had no idea either. here he is talking about his girlfriend in the month of october. when you have somebody you talk to every day. you speak to on the phone she is going through a lot of things. the only way she sleeps is if she knows you are on the other side of the phone and you go through that every single night for the past four months and all of a sudden it's silence. that silence really eats at you. and it -- it has eaten at me it continues to eat at me but, you know, that's where faith comes in. >> three months later te'o
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says he never met his girlfriend in person. in fact, we have no idea how they first connected. he says he was the victim of a painful hoax. in a statement te'o wrote the following: we maintain what we thought to be authentic communication by communicating frequently online and on the phone and i grew to care deeply about her, end quote. last night the notre dame athletic director held a news conference. he says the school is trying to figure out why somebody would have done this. this was very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax. perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand had certainly cruelty at its core. manti was the victim of that hoax. manti is the victim of that hoax and he will carry that with him for a while. >> athletic director says investigation this was not the work of one person. live on campus in south bend,
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indiana tonight. what is the school doing to get to the bottom of this, greg? >> school has launched its own investigation, bill, trying to figure out exactly who was involved. what kind of motive they might have. but those questions at this point are unanswered here on campus everyone has questions whether he strung people along. how much did he know? was he completely innocent? did this have anything to do with the heisman hops. a lot questions people don't think they will actually ever going to get all the answers. >> rick: technology phenomenon known as catfishing. what is that and how is that tied in, craig? >> catfishing is what they believe happened, the term catfish means someone -- a habit of establishing a relationship with someone online. usually involves a false identity. we got a clip from the mtv show catfish in which a young
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man goes to meet someone he has been chatting with online. he he thinks he is about to meet a young blonde woman named amanda miller. >> i'm tyler aden. >> all right. i'm amanda miller. >> you are amanda miller? >> yes, i am. >> the amanda miller. >> i owe you an apology. i'm really sorry. >> >> cat fishing, bill, as you might imagine is something that happens quite frequently. people can assume nil kind of identity they want and put it out there. and that is exactly what the university says happened to manti te'o. thank you for reporting from campus south bend, indiana tonight. manti te'o was silent tonight. lance armstrong has suffered another set back. just when you thought he had no more to lose. he has lost something else. something he picked up while the whole world was watching him on that bike. the details coming up tonight on "the fox report." for some people this is just pigskin and thread.
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lance armstrong is olympic medalist from the 2000 games in sydney australia: oprah winfrey's cable network is record armstrong's confession he he has used performance enhancing drugs for years. doping scandal has grown over the past few weeks he has lost sponsors. he he has lost his leadership role at the cancer charity that he founded you. he lost his seven tour de france titles and lost the ability to compete in future events. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom tonight. trace, is the timing here coincidental or not? >> >> well the international olympic committee says is the oprah interview had nothing to do with this or not o. the ioc began talking about stripping lance armstrong of his bronze medal in the middle of last month.
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first they had to wait until the international cycling union stripped him of his seven tour de france titles and then armstrong had 21 days to appeal that those he never did appeal and now the 21 days are up and his bronze medal is gone. the guy who came in fourth behind armstrong in the 19 of the 2000 sydney olympics will not get that bronze metal in medal in place of lance armstrong. >> bill: we are waiting for what he said to oprah. she has been cagey about this. have we learned anything more about what he told her this week. >> apparently oprah keeps a tight ship. the only thing we have seen from that interview four days later is this picture of oprah sitting down with lance armstrong. but we spoke with a sportswriter today who would like to see one big thing come out of the interview. listen. >> one of the things that he kept on stressing in every single interview that he ever did was that he has taken hundreds of tests and not a single one came back with any
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sort of positive result. how exactly was he able to do that and how was he able to get all of his teammates on the u.s. postal service cycling team. how were they able to pass the test as well? >> meantime sports writer rick reilly, who strongly defended lance armstrong for 14 years today got an email from armstrong saying, quote: i'm sorry. then reilly wrote in response quoting here i would go out there and continue poll accomplishes a legend plated in fools gold. i guess i should forgive him and thank him for admitting his whole magnificent castle cass built on sand and syringes and suckers like me but i'm not quite ready. give me 14 years, maybe. a lot of fences to mend for lance armstrong beginning tonight. >> >> bill: certainly is we will all find out in a couple of hours what he indeed tells to oprah. thank you, trace. trace gallagher in our east coast newsroom tonight. hollywood found leading man late football coach voyeur
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paterno. al pacino set to take on the role of the iconic joe pa. happy valley is the title. the film is based on a book following paterno during his final years. of course, paterno is once the winningness coach in college football history until the ncaa stripped the wins as part of the sanctions imposed following the child sex abuse scandal involving assistant coach jerry sandusky. paterno died nearly one year ago after a battle that he fought for lung cancer. the advice columnist known as dear abbey has left us. dying after a long battle with alzheimer's her real name pauline flips. for decades she wrote under the name abigail van buren. her daughter jeanne long helped her with that column. by the time the column unveiled the illness in 1982 jeanne in h. become the
4:18 pm
column's sole author. better known as ann landers. the two had a stormy relationship but later in life regained their closeness together. phillips' sister died in 2002, 10 years ago. today advice seekers are mourning another loss pauline phillips has written her final letter. dead today at the age of 94. more airlines and more countries are grounding the boeing 787. and now we're getting a look at the battery that's apparently causing all the trouble for the so-called dream liner. that's next. and a snackdown on scalpers charging thousands of dollars for tickets to president obama's inauguration. why it could soon be tougher to find those tickets online. nexium, the purple pill,
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>> bill: just in to fox news tonight. this is video of the situation at miami's international airport where two planes have apparently touched on the runway there. the planes were an argentine as flight. no injuries reported and we don't know if the planes suffered any damage. we will stay on that this evening. airlines around the world following in the footsteps of the federal aviation administration and grounding boeing 787 dream liner. the f.a.a. made that call yesterday after a string of problems with the plane including an apparent battery leak that prompted emergency evacuation in japan. now, the scorch marks visible on the outside of the battery. that investigators later removed from the plane. in the last 24 hours. airlines have grounded boeing's entire dream liner fleet. 50 planes and can you see them all here. one of those carriers poland's lot airlines will go after boeing for the money it's losing in the process. official says it will not accept any more dream liners
4:23 pm
until the issue is resolved. in a statement last night, boeing's chairman and ceo wrote in part boeing is committed to supporting the f.a.a. and finding answers as quickly as possible. end quote. dan springer now with the news live in seattle not far from where teams assembled the dream liner, dan, this plane is loaded with a lot of new technology. is it not? >> it sure is, bill. it hasn't made a penny. but it's boeing showcase aircraft for sure. the 787 is the most technologically advanced and fuel efficient plane ever made. it's also supposed to provide the most comfort. it got there by using carbon composite instead of aluminum new electrical system one that generates twice as much power but weighs far less it also relies on lithium ion batteries certified by the faa but now being looked at because of these recent problems. airlines have had to cancel many flights as they scramble to find different planes that can fly these long routes,
4:24 pm
bill? >> dan is, there an incident occasion or do we know how long this could take boeing to get fixed? >> well, boeing has offered a quick, but temporary solution where the airlines would do more safety checks on those batteries. if that doesn't work, that doesn't get accepted, it could be a long time before the planes are back in the air. the battery manufacturer says it might take months to identify the problem. and then you figure months on top of that to fix it boeing continues to assemble new dream liners because the plane is so advanced there doesn't appear to be any simple answer. >> they can't switch out to other kinds of batteries. that would really add too much weight and they wouldn't be able to produce the amount of power necessary to drive this aircraft. >> more than 800 dream liners are on back order. there have been no cancellations and more than $200 million per plane, can you seat stakes are high to get it right, bill? >> bill: indeed they're. dan springer live tonight from seattle on that story.
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solid against gains on wall strt after positive news. five year low. analysts say the drop is partly due though to seasonal factors. on the housing front housing department reports builders were busy. fastest pace since we have seen in the summer of 2008. that boosted home builder stocks. the dow picked up 85. nasdaq up 18. while the s&p gained 8. sending it to another five year high. this year's inauguration is not for sale. that from the head of the congressional inaugural committee after tickets from the ceremony ended up in the hands of scalpers, congressional offices to constituents. they permit access to the site of the capitol where the swearing in takes place. supposed to be free of charge. some turned up on ebay and craigslist online.
4:26 pm
sellers charging thousands of dollars to attend. monitor ads for new ones. reminder shepard smith is live on the nation's capitol monday for inauguration. tune in to the big fox network to see shepard at 11:00 a.m. eastern time on monday "studio b." 3:00 eastern time here on the fox news channel for coverage for the inauguration. january 21st. the secretary of defense takes a stance on guns and as the nation debates president obama's call for stronger gun sale regulations, the man who overseas our military is not mincing words the people who witness horrible things inside a colorado movie theater return to the scene six months after the massacre. a live look outside the renovated theater as shooting victims and family members attend the remembrance of those who died. a live report on the reopening of that building. that is coming up here on the fox report. what are you doing?
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>> one of florida's own senator now hunting pythons in the florida everglades. bill nelson joining hundreds of others trying to weed out the invasive snake population in the 2013 python nelson. senator nelson lost -- ban trade pythons. wildlife researchers from the university of florida joined him today in the everglades. reportedly up to 150,000 burmese pythons in the national park there. so far hunters have caught
4:31 pm
only 11. they are allusive, aren't they? no word whether or not the senator bagged any today. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. a rescue operation at a bp gas plant in algeria. the question is how many hostage did algerian forces actually rescue? a source telling fox news two americans are now free. no word on the other americans the militants claim they were holding along with dozens of other foreigners. "the fox report" correspondent jonathan hunt in our newsroom tonight. what are we hearing jonathan from the algerian government on this? finally they are saying very little other than this military operation took place and that some hostage died. one algerian security source telling reuters it may be as many as 30 who will dead. among them, japanese, british, filipinos no, mention of the fate of any americans whether
4:32 pm
any americans have actually died in this raid. now as for the hostage tarks themselves, algerian security forces say they killed 11 of them and they were from algeria, libya, egypt, and mali. now, if you asked a u.s. official or any security expert to point on a map to the countries where they are most worried about islamic extremism right now, that is the country that they would point out precisely. no coincidence. this is the region the u.s. security officials are most worried about now in terms of terrorism. bill. >> bill: seems to be anger though among a lot of western governments about how the algerians carried this out. >> yeah, absolutely there is a great deal of frustration privately among u.s. officials. publicly among some european governments that they were not informed beforehand that this military raid was about to happen. as i say, the brits said it publicly.
4:33 pm
the u.s. officials have been talking more privately. secretary of state hillary clinton, when she spoke today, was careful not to criticize the algerian government, simply to repeat the promise that the u.s. will work with any government that is fighting terrorists. listen. >> when you deal with these relentless terrorists, life is not in any way precious to them. but when this incident is finally over. we know we face a continuing ongoing problem. we're going to do everything we can to work together to confront and disrupt al qaeda in the islamic magrab. >> now back to the raid itself, bill. we had reports from algerian officials that the military operation was actually over. but there are some reports coming in right now that it may not be, that they may have taken control of the living
4:34 pm
quarters part of that gas facility where most of the hostage were held but they, perhaps, do not have control of the rest of the facility. that might explain why there are so many differing figures on how many hostage may have escaped and how many may have been killed. bill. >> bill: thank you, jonathan. jonathan hunt with that fox report tonight. the top guy at the pentagon now weighing in on the debate over guns in america speaking to u.s. troops from italy. defense secretary leon panetta expressing support for president obama's push for the restrictions on gun sales, which includes a renewal of the ban on assault weapons. >> who the hell needs armor piercing bullets except you guys in battle? and i love to hunt. and i love to be able to, you know, to share that joy with my kids. but i don't -- i mean, for the life of me, i don't know why the hell people have to have an assault weapon. >> well, today, the head of
4:35 pm
the national rifle association, the nra insisting that people are putting too much emphasis on banning certain types of guns. he says his organization supports stronger background checks and the repair of what he calls the country's broken mental health system. ed henry is live on the north lawn of the white house tonight with more on this. good evening to you. it seems like the vice president and the president are taking this pitch on the road. >> that's right. good evening, bill. you mentioned the nra. they are promising a monumental battle to stop the president's gun control plan. what white house officials are telling us tonight both the president and the vice president in the weeks ahead will be going out on the road. you saw them together at the white house yesterday unveiling this plan. they goal out and basically sell this in campaign style events in the days ahead and the vice president started that campaign today when he spoke to some mayors who were here in washington. take a listen. >> too many in this country have been silent too long. we cannot. [ applause ]
4:36 pm
we he cannot -- we cannot be silent any longer. those 20 beautiful children who lost their lives in newtown are no longer able to speak for themselves. we have to speak for them. >> now, white house officials say the president learned a lesson from previous battles with congress over issues like the payroll tax cut. other issues like student loan rates that were going to go up. he went out to the american people, made his case and put pressure on congress in the end won on those battles, bill. >> bill: as you know you have been reporting on republicans who seem intent on the president and vice president. some of his biggest battles may be by democrats. >> this will be decided by swing votes. joe manchin in west virginia. right after newtown he suggested that he was going to flip on this. open to gun control, maybe supporting an assault weapons ban. this week joe manchin is pouring cold water on that and seems to be back pedaling. al franken is up for re-election. today he put out statement
4:37 pm
saying in principle he supports a ban on assault weapons but didn't say he supports legislation to do that. what the fear is i'm told by one top democratic senator an assault weapons ban suggests the president is taking weapons away that plays into republican arguments like marco rubio who said this today on fox. >> there is a second amendment. i didn't write the constitution. i believe in it. if you are going to do anything that impacts it. it better make some sense. here is the problem that i have by the president's own admission, the things that they're putting forward would have done nothing to prevent what happened, for example, in connecticut. >> and that's why top democratic senator is telling me privately he thinks it's much more likely that the president will not get a ban on assault weapons. but, instead, will get something that's less controversial like a national background check, having a system like that. that's more likely to go through, bill. >> bill: ed, thank you. ed henry at the white house tonight. victims and first responders have returned to the scene of the massacre in colorado. this after almost six months after a man opened fire inside
4:38 pm
of a crowded movie theater there they were attending a private ceremony at this hour. that includes the showing of a movie inside the very same building where the attack occurred. killing 12 people and wounding dozens. the company that owns the theater is said to be spending a million dollars on renovations there. it plans to reopen its doors to the public tomorrow. alicia acuna live tonight outside the theater aurora, colorado, what's going on inside there, tonight alyssia? the owner calls it a night of remembrance, bill, we do have video from inside the brand new lobby. this is video taken not too long ago a. the invitation sent to victims and first responders said counselors are also available inside tonight there will be a ceremony. colorado's governor as well as aurora's mayor. all of this will be followed by a movie, bill? >> some of the victims' families and family members say they are not happy with the way when is unfolding.
4:39 pm
what have they told you alicia. >> they are not happy about this at all. we did talk to one of the shooting victims today who says is he just now able to even go to a movie. >> i was going in there checking the exits. i was watching people's pockets. people's hands. it was weird for me at first and surreal almost at the moment wubsz i got used to it once guy into century 16 that will be my final stage of recovery. >> many families actually rejected cinemark's invite all together in a letter saying in part: after reading our response to your ridiculously offensive invitation you now know why we will not be attending your reopening celebration and will be using every social media tool at our disposal to ask other victims and friends and family to honor us by boycotting the killing field of our children and some of those people, bill, are suing cinemark. >> alicia acuna, aurora,
4:40 pm
colorado tonight. >> blast of winter weather has turned deadly. the experts say the freezing rain and all that snow is heading toward washington, d.c. and then the northeast. details ahead on that. a firefighter was racing up a lad tore save a baby inside a burning building when a massive pile of snow made things a whole lot more difficult. that's coming up tonight inside "the fox report." mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942.
4:41 pm
[ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience.
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4:44 pm
could trigger flooding up to a foot of snow in some areas. nic gregory fox five in new york tonight. hey, nick. >> hello bill, that storm is on track to do just that produce some heavy snow. it's doing it as you move through parts of carolina western carolina into southern western sections of virginia. some very heavy snows breaking out across that area now. the storm itself kind of swirling from north georgia and eventually kicking moving off to the south and east. no snow really for the atlanta area. the north georgia mountains will pick up some much the rain in some areas will change to snow as we talk about the northeasterly wind that will come down and drop those colder temperatures across the area. how much snow are we talking about? again, we have mentioned about alabama and mississippi already getting three inches of snow there. some areas even higher up in the winston county, northern parts of alabama. four inches of snow there. three to six inches. swated of western carolina southern virginia includes richmond area.
4:45 pm
the bigger snows in the higher terrain southwest virginia and extend into the smokies and it looks like again that will continue on into early tomorrow. can't evenliminate southern new jersey. could be 1 to 4 inches of snow in the extreme southern part of that state and dusting over eastern long island. if you don't like the weather, wait a little bit, look at the warm-up coming tomorrow to the southeast. back into the 50s so a quick meltdown, another surge of artic air invades the country though this weekend. >> bill: that is crazy. it is that time of year. nic gregory from fox five. a woman in utah describing what she went through after triggering a 700-foot wide avalanche that buried her alive it happened over the weekend while skiing with her boyfriend in the mountains east of salt lake city in utah. >> i did not hear the collapse but i looked up and i saw the slab coming. >> i was sliding face first on my stomach down hill. >> she ended up under about a foot and a half of snow and her boyfriend says that he deactivated his emergency
4:46 pm
rescue beacon when she did not answer his cell phone call. >> backpack off and got my beacon off and turned it on andism immediately picked up a signal. again that reaffirmed that she was buried somewhere. >> said a few things to myself like it's not time for me. this isn't it i'm going to breathe really slowly and adam will find me. i just had that feeling that i was going to be fine. >> at the same time she was apparently slipping in and out of unconsciousness. that's how the boyfriend says he found her when he dug her out with an avalanche shovel. she eventually came around and spent several days in the hospital for frost bite. they did everything right to stay alive. fireman found himself on the receiving end of an avalanche of sorts while he was four stories up a ladder. he was trying to reach people trapped in a willing when a giant chunk of snow broke off and knocked him down that
4:47 pm
ladder all happened in siberia eastern russia. one of them saved a child from the apartment window as bad as that might look no one was hurt. four people dead and dozens more rescued as heavy flooding hits a capital city. our top story as we go around the world tonight in 80 seconds. indonesia. floods in jakarta. some 20,000 people evacuated. the city's governor issued a state of emergency through next week. this year's monsoon season has brought some of the country's heaviest rain fall in five years. mexico. deadly attack on the city of acapulco. gunmen ambushed the vehicle. forced off screaming passengers. shot the driver and his 14-year-old assistant.
4:48 pm
then poured gasoline on the bus and set it on fire. the gunman got await a minute police are investigating. india, rescuers save an elephant calf that had fall noon a well in an eastern state. villagers alerted crews who used a small bulldozer to dig an escape route for the calf. it eventually climbed out just fine and locals chased it back into the safety of a nearby forest. china, models hitting the run way for a chocolate fashion show at the wonderland theme park in shanghai it wasn't easy to piece together the garments using cocoa beans and actual chocolate. that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> bill: we are following developments tonight top story deadly hostage crisis at a gas plant in the algerian desert. we are learning more about the
4:49 pm
suspected terrorist behind that attack. plus, more on 00 helicopter that crashed into a crane in london yesterday and killed two people as it burst into flames on the street below. now some people say ticking off their boss saved their lives. they will explain next here. on "the fox report." ♪ using robotics and mobile technology, verizon innovators have made it possible for teachers to teach, and for a kid... nathan. tadpole. ... to feel like a kid again. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ]
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>> bill: there is word at least two americans are free tonight after a dramatic rescue operation at a bp facility in the desert of algeria. we're still waiting for word on the other americans the militants claim they were holding. we are also learning about when they planned this attack. they say it was revenge for the french military operation next door in the country of mali. catherine herridge on the story tonight in washington. what are you hearing,
4:53 pm
catherine, good evening? >> well, thank you, bill and good evening. the chairman of the house foreign affairs and house intelligence committee telling fox news they believe the hostage situation was premeditated and with the french going into mali over the weekend, al qaeda in north africa pulled the trigger on a plot that was already in the pipeline. looking at everything i have seen that they have been doing surveillance, been looking at this as a possible target facility and they have put it in the cue and then did something pretty big and pretty brazen. >> fox news has also told al qaeda in north africa is expanding with operation in britain spain switzerland and france to save money. >> what we know about this particular al qaeda franchise it's the fastest growing al qaeda operation in the world. it not only has agents across europe. but in addition, as we have seen, they have that same determined end and very brutal method of operation.
4:54 pm
>> asked if there was intelligence warning of the attack rogers saying well understood since benghazi the group's target was on western violence, bill. what are you learning about attacks. french intelligence has nickname. they call him the uncatchable. in december when he announced the stand up of his own operation. analysts telling spokesman told reporters that his u.s. intelligence say they see him completely insink with al qaeda's ideology. the house intelligence committee says the administration's approach to al qaeda in north africa is lacking we don't have an overarching policy. we are playing firefighter. libya had problems clearly playing firefighter there after the benghazi event that killed the ambassador. >> what we have seen with al qaeda in north africa before is when they have taken hostage it's been one or two or three individuals.
4:55 pm
the scope of this is highly unusual and may be a watershed for the organization. bill. >> bill: catherine herridge on that story tonight. the fiery helicopter crash in downtown london have been much deadlier. two construction workers tell the daily newspaper they would have been inside the crane the chopper hit if they had not overslept. they first say -- well, the first time they have ever been late for work. the pilot and a commuter on the ground both died in the wreck. an investigation in central london underway as to what happened there. investigators plan to dig up the remains of a chicago man who was poisoned just after winning the lottery. officials initially ruled he died of national causes reclarified as homicide after lethal dose in his system. medical examiner set to perform a autopsy for more evidence for potential trial. the jackpot he won was more
4:56 pm
than $400,000. so far police have not identified any suspects. a high school basketball player pulls off an unlikely shot. here is the reaction. wait until you see the actual shot. oh but there is a catch all that up next here on "the fox report." a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha.
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